The Web’s Closed Hell Future and The Hope of A New ...

An Open Letter to Vine Civilization and Its Discontents Fascists Beware of the Neoreactionaries (feat Mencius Moldbug & Ralph Masilamani) Vitalik Buterin explains Ethereum Intersectional Anarcho-Tyranny! Nick Land Urbit - Mencius Moldbug - Personal Cloud Community Gathering Sept 2013

The net can be thought of as a gigantic battlefield. Today there are a few impenetrable forts (to which everyone is invited so long as they play by the rules and give up certain freedoms), thousands upon thousands of skirmishes in lawless plains, and millions of scattered corpses across a charred wasteland. He pointed to Mencius Moldbug, the infamous neoreactionary author, to illustrate the extreme view of what occurs when private property exists without democratic protections in place. In Moldbug’s vision, democratic structures are replaced by all-powerful corporations, elected by property holders. And Weyl has a word for governance of this type when coupled with ethereum: Skynet, referring to ... Bitcoin Ethereum Bitcoin Cash Litecoin Monero Golem Ripple Decred Tether Augur SALT Dash Gas. Invest in Cryptocurrency. Midas YObit Bittrex Binance Graviex Crypto Baseball. Contact Us; Home » The Web’s Closed Hell Future and The Hope of A New Decentralized Internet. The Web’s Closed Hell Future and The Hope of A New Decentralized Internet. Blockchain Posted on October 5, 2019 coineradmin ... In Aristotle’s words “Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.” The statement was powerful and highlighted that what lies at the core of democracy is the opinion of the people who are all identified equally. Countries around the world follow the democratic form of government and vote to ... Bitcoin $11343.73682 Ethereum $366.81236 Tether $1.00095 XRP $0.24052 Bitcoin Cash $251.15737 Binance Coin $29.7953 Chainlink $10.65575 Polkadot $3.92911 Cardano $0.10404 Litecoin $47.72774 Bitcoin SV $160.8166 Coin $0.13644 USD Coin $1.00045 EOS $2.54453 Monero $119.62467 TRON $0.02566 Tezos $2.21971 Stellar $0.0778 Neo $17.0463 Wrapped Bitcoin $11284.80583 Urbit quietly has built bitcoin integrations and added an iconic crypto personality to its roster of developers: Bitcoin Sign Guy. B.S.G., also known as Christian Langalis, made headlines as a 22-year-old holding up a “Buy Bitcoin” sign behind then-Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. Captured on C-SPAN, a screenshot became a widely circulated meme across the crypto space, and Bitcoin Sign ... If bitcoin is digital cash and ethereum is digital law, Urbit is digital land. The highly ambitious cloud computing project imagines nothing less than a rewiring of the internet, allowing users, not corporations, to own their online identities and data. While most blockchain projects rely on Amazon Web Services and other behemoths for essential infrastructure, […] - Mencius Moldbug, "A Gentle Introduction to Unqualified Reservations" This continues along the lines of my previous post about Urbit, which I happen to have only just now really properly discovered and processed as what it is, over in the past couple of days.

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An Open Letter to Vine

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